Is Your Commercial Roof Showing Signs of Damage?

Trust us with roof repair services for your Northville or Novi, MI building

Do you have trash cans lining the halls of your building to collect dripping water? Kappa Commercial Roofing LLC can fix leaks and other problems with our roof repair services. Our company uses high-quality materials to ensure all fixes are durable and long-lasting.

When you first reach out, we'll do a full inspection of your roof to determine what fixes need to be done before completing the necessary repairs.

Don't live with a leaky, damaged roof. Reach out today to schedule flat roof repairs for your commercial space in Northville & Novi, MI.

Signs your flat roof needs repairs

Even flat roofs fall victim to damage sometimes. Signs that you need flat roof repairs include:

Mold & Musty Odors
Flashing damage
Damaged Drywall
Ceiling Tiles
Blistering and cracking

Keep your roof functioning to its full potential. Call 313-421-6708 for a free estimate on roof repairs and services in Northville & Novi, MI.